Next to your professional skills, your patient records are the

most valuable asset you own. They are as vital to good† dentistry as your equipment, materials, instruments and personnel. The manner in

which they are kept,

evaluated and utilized

can be the key to profits,

a smooth well functioning office, and knowledgeable cooperative patients.

Designers and Publishers of† unique full color Dental Tooth Charts and Patient Forms with an attractive professional appearance.

Professional Publishers

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Our charts were designed with you in mind, providing all pertinent information on one sheet of heavy durable stock that will fold or fit into either an 8 x 10 or 5 x 8 filing system. Included are the patientís personal records, medical history, with space for special comments, actual-sized realistic depictions of the teeth, periodontal lines, both numbering systems, space for coded information on each tooth, occlusal surfaces for prosthetic diagramming, and recommended treatment. The reverse side has space for your daily work log and financial information for most patients through the years.


The life-sized teeth in natural color depicted become a visual aid in the area of patient education. They not only enhance your presentation, but help your patients to quickly identify, understand and accept your treatment recommendations.