The full-color recall charts (AR) and (PR) are identical to the lower of the basic charts. Printed on a lighter weight paper, they may be quickly attached to the form as shown on the right. Reference to previous charting is always available, and when records of deciduous teeth are no longer needed, the adult recall chart may be used

Pkgs of 500                                                $120.00 ea

The basic adult (AC) and pedodontic (PC) charts are printed in full color on heavy, white stock measuring 7½  x 14¼ inches and fold to fit either an 8 x 10, or 5 x 8 filing system. The pedodontic chart is identical to the adult with the addition of deciduous teeth and appropriate records for children. The reverse side is the same on both charts.

Pkgs of 500                                                             $250.00 ea

Form AC shown  folded as a tent, for convenient display at the chair, or when recommending treatment.

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