This 7 x 14 inch single color chart (ochre) is a variation of our basic full color chart which originated as a custom chart. It can be used for either adults or children, and as with the basic color charts folds to fit your filing system or for display.


Form AP-1

Pkgs of 500 $160.00

These 8 x 10 inch charts printed on heavy stock, can be used for either adults or children.. Two versions are offered:



Form APC, printed in one color (ochre)

Pkgs of 500 $120.00



Form APO, printed in full-color

Pkgs of 500 $155.00

The form EM is a one-color (ochre) 4 x 7 form for use with emergency patients. This form contains minimum data and a reduced size tooth chart. In addition to use with one time patients this form is ideal as a patient copy of proposed treatments

Pkgs of 500 $85.00